Carmen / Claudia Joana / Zoe Elizabeth Andrea
bangs cut $350 MXN $350 MXN $350 MXN –––
men's cut $480 / $560 MXN $630 MXN $560 MXN $950 MXN
women's cut ––– / $900 MXN $900 MXN $1,100 MXN $1,750 MXN
blow dry / straightening $485 MXN
olaplex treatment $1,345 MXN
mucota scena $1,200 MXN
k18 repair mask $920 MXN
davines replumping $950 MXN
Carmen / Zoe Claudia / Joana Elizabeth
toner - gloss $1,050 MXN $1,190 MXN $1,370 MXN
fantasy color toner $1,460 - $1,770 MXN $1,645 - $1,995 MXN $1,890 - $2,300 MXN
short lenght bleaching process $1,400 - $2,020 MXN $1,550 - $2,300 MXN $1,785 - $2,635 MXN
medium - long bleaching process $3,250 - $5,380 MXN $3,665 - $6,050 MXN $4,215 - $6,960 MXN
bleach root retouch $1,460 - $2,020 MXN $1,610 - $2,300 MXN $1,850 - $2,635 MXN
color correction $1,960 MXN $1,960 MXN $1,960 MXN
balayage / babylights / highlights $2,580 - $5,545 MXN $2,915 - $6,260 MXN $3,310 - $7,200 MXN
full permanent dye $1,345 - $2,185 MXN $1,480 - $2,410 MXN $1,615 - $2,625 MXN
base color root retouch $975 - $1,120 MXN $1,100 - $1,290 MXN $1,290 - $1,460 MXN
amonia free hair dye $2,020 - $3,280 MXN $2,220 - $3,600 MXN $2,420 - $3,935 MXN
root retouch amonia free hair dye $1,180 - $1,350 MXN $1,345 - $1,450 MXN $1,550 - $1,700 MXN


Please read this info thoroughly before filling out the intake form.

Hello! This is only the first step to book your appointment, this is not a confirmation and filling out this form doesn’t mean that you have a booked appointment.

For an ideal consultation, it is of utter importance to be as clear and thorough while describing your case / situation. Keep in mind it is common that color references are, at times, unattainable or would take more than one session to attain.

Keep in mind that each and every email is answered by a member of our staff in the order it was received. Unfortunately we can not speed up the process, as we don’t use an automated system. It can take us up to 72 hours to reply. If you do not hear from us, please be patient, you will :)

Different color services require different amounts of time. Schedule 2.5 hours for a base tint or new growth; 4-5 hours for color services like balayage or highlights and 4-6 hours for bleaching process. Please allow yourself the specified amount of time when scheduling color services as processes can not be rushed. Color consultations are carried out in two parts: first fill out the form below, followed by an in person consultation during the appointment. It is very important to fill out all of the information and not to forget any details; this will result in a more thorough consultation. Keep in mind, in some cases, desired colors cannot be achieved or require more than one session.

If you don't hear from us, please write us at

Please upload a photo of yourself facing the camera where the current length and color of your hair shows completely (preferably using daylight and no filters).
Please upload a photo of the reference or target color desired where the length and color of the hair shows completely. The more thorough the consultation, the better.
K18. Used as a primer to protect the integrity of your hair during lightening MUCOTA SCENA. Recommended to hydrate and restructure all types of hair MUCOTA COLOR LOCK. Recommended to make the color last longer OLAPLEX. Post color repairing treatment DAVINES HYDRATING MASK. A light conditioning mask No, thanks